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Name Description Version
ACDSee descript.ion importer for Photo Supreme Imports the ACDSee generated descript.ion files into IDI Keywords. You can use it to transfer your ACDSee keywords to IDI. The current ACDSee versi... 3.0
Analyse Exif Data This script will extract the Exif data for a selection of images and dump the statistics to a CSV formatted file. This file can then be used in a 3rd ... 1.2
ExifTool Metadata Output ExifTool Metadata Output will dump all metadata fields identified by the ExifTool program.... 1.0
Full Exif Dump Full Exif Dump will dump the full metadata as found in Exif metadata of one or more selected images. This dump includes technical Exif data, IPTC data... 1.03
Import CSV Data This script loads XMP data from a CSV file.... 1.31
Import from sidecar XMP file This script will search for XMP sidecar files for a selection of images. For every file that has a XMP sidecar file (even for files that typically ... 1.0
Migrate EM / iView contacts to People labels Migrates EM / iView contact information to labels in category People, updated for Photo Supreme... 1.1
Migrate EM/iView Event to Label Converts EM / iView event to an IDimager Catalog label, updated for Photo Supreme... 1.2
Migrate EM/iView Status to Label Copies the Expression Media "Status" field to a new Catalog Category.... 1.0
Remove all existing XMP For every selected thumbnails, this script will remove the full XMP from the catalog and the image file. USE WITH CARE ... 1.2