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Resource Name Find file pairs for files by exclusion string
Resource Version 2.0
Category Catalog
Downloads 127
Release Date 7/4/2021 5:14:21 PM

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Description This script takes files in a selection, and finds related files in a folder which have the name name *except* a string in the original file name which is excluded (exclusion string). i.e. z1_hdr.jpg may return z1.jpg,z1.rw2
Installation Instructions Download the script and copy it into your own script folders for use by PSU
Usage Instructions 1. Select thumnails to work with (would typically be the images which contain the string you want to exclude in the matching).
2. You can select any number of images, and only those containing the exclusion string would be used for matching (e.g. you could select all images for a month or year, only those including the string would be used)
3. Invoke script,
4. provide the string for exclusion (eg. z1_hdr.jpg - provide '_hdr') in the dialogue box.
5. Optional check boxes: 'Constrain Results to common extension': only results with matching extensions will be returned (i.e. z1_hdr.jpg -> z1.jpg), 'Ignore Case in exclsuion string': disregard the case of the exclusion string when matching.
Changes in this version 1. Minor code improvements.
2. Added option to constrain matching by file extension (i.e. z1_hdr.jpg -> z1.jpg, z1.rw2 not returned)
3. Option to ignore case of the exclusion string when matching
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Author Name Will H
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