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Name Description Version
Cascade Meta to Full Version Set for Photo Supreme This script batch cascades metadata from several selected main versions to all their subversions.... 1.0.3
Convert Version Sets to Stacks This script will convert all existing Versions to Stacks, meaning that you will not have Version Sets left after running this script.... 1.0
Redetect Main Versions This script will use the current version detection setting from the preferences and use that on a set of selected thumbnails to redetect the main vers... 1.0
Remove All Placeholders This script will remove all the placeholder assignments, where applicable, for the selected images. This can''t be undone and so use only when you wan... 1.0
Swap Place Holders for Version Set for Photo Supreme This script allows you to exchange images assigned to a specific place holder in a version set to another place holder. ... 2.1