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After IDImager V5 conversion to Photo Supreme This script will perform some extra required tasks that are needed for database that are converted from the older IDimager V5 application to Photo Sup... 1.1
Assign Comma Separated Labels This script allows you to enter a comma separated list of Catalog Labels, which will then be created and applied to the selected images in the Collect... 1.1
Compact Databases Script This script will compact both the catalog and thumbnail database. After that it will close down the application. ... 1.0
Create Catalog Labels for Areas This script will find areas in the catalog and if there's a relevant name for the area then a catalog label is create and linked to the area. You ... 2.0
Delete all Areas for Selected This script removes all Areas for the selected thumbnails from the Catalog... 1.0
Delete Unlinked Areas for Selected This script will delete unlinked areas for a selection of thumbnails. An unlinked area is an areas that is not linked to a Catalog Label... 1.0
Dump Catalog Structure To Text File This script will export the catalog structure with photo counts to a text file.... 1.0
Export Import Catalog Structure This script offers a feature to export a Photo Supreme Catalog Structure, including all configured details of Categories and Catalog Labels. The sc... 1.3
Export Import Favorites This script allows you to export/import Favorites from database to/from file. ... 1.0
Export Import Preferences This script allows you to export/import Preferences from database to/from file.... 1.0
File Name to Catalog Label This script will create catalog labels for file names of every selected thumbnail and then assign the catalog label to the image. The catalog label wi... 2.1
Find Duplicate Label Names Find Duplicate Catalog Labels in the catalog hierarchy. Duplicates can be saved as: 1. every duplicate name to a text file 2. unique names to a ... 2.2
Find Duplicates in Photo Supreme This script will try to collect duplicate files in your catalog. NOTE: Duplicate files are determined on the file size and so it is possible that yo... 1.11
Find Empty Catalog Labels This script will search for catalog labels without assigned images (empty labels). Then it asks if the found list should be saved to file, displayed a... 3.0
Find Place Catalog Labels without GEO Details This script will search for catalog labels in the Places top category that have no GEO details configured. Then it asks if the found list should be ... 1.0
Folder Name to Catalog Label This script will create a catalog label hierarchy for the path hierarchy for every selected thumbnail. e.g. F:\My Pictures\2004\Trip to Spain\test.... 2.1
Macro Command to Catalog Label This script will create catalog labels based on a macro command. For every selected thumbnail the macro is parsed and the value is assigned as a catal... 2.0
Place Finder Labels This script is intended to replicate location information from the metadata to catalog labels, more specific the Places category (by default). It is f... 1.4
Places Hierarchies Mapping to Metadata This script is intended to check your Places hierarchy and allows to to define the appropriate mappings to metadata for them. BEWARE; when changes ... 0.1
Read Metadata for Files in Text file This script will take a text file as input and for every file in the text file (one file name per line) it will read the metadata from the file to the... 1.0
Recipe Cleansing for Selected Thumbnails This script will clean recipes for selected thumbnails... 1.0
Relocate Single File This script allows you to relocate a single file by selecting its new location from the hard drive.... 1.0
Replace image with selected file This script will relocate a file to a different file name.... 1.0
Scan Folder For Missing Files in Catalog The script asks for a folder. There, point to the root of the folder to scan through. The script then searches for all files in the folder (and s... 1.01
Search for Partial Folder Name This Photo Supreme script allows you to search on partial folder names.... 1.0
Switch ON Assign Parent Labels for All Catalog Labels This script will switch ON parent assign for ALL of the catalog labels.... 1.1
Sync Read Direct This script will read metadata from file to catalog for selected thumbnails... 1.0
Sync Write Direct This script will write metadata from catalog to file for selected thumbnails... 1.0
Un-ignore all ignored folders in catalog This script will remove the ignore state of EVERY folder in the catalog.... 1.0
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