Resource Basics

Resource Name Scan Folder For Missing Files in Catalog
Resource Version 1.01
Category Catalog
Downloads 164
Release Date 5/3/2020 11:03:33 PM

Resource Details

Description The script asks for a folder. There, point to the root of the folder to scan through.

The script then searches for all files in the folder (and sub folders). For each found file, the script searches in the Catalog for a file with an identical filename. This does assume that the file names are unique. 

After the script runs, it gives an onscreen message with the files that are not found in the catalog. Tip; double click on the i-icon to copy the result text to the clipboard so you can paste that in another application.
Installation Instructions Download the script to your hard drive
Usage Instructions 1. In Photo Supreme, select Tools -> Scripter
2. Load the downloaded script file
3. Run the script with the run button
Changes in this version n.a.
Special Requirements

Author Information

Author Name H van Zwietering