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Name Description Version
Collect Files from File This script allows you to select a file with a list of file names (one per line). These files (if found in the catalog) will then be collected in a ne... 2.1
Gather Matching RAW files This script analyzes a set of selected images and locates the raw file corresponding to the image. (e.g. select a group of .jpg images, xxxx.jpg - re... 1
Search All Images In Catalog This script will return all images from the catalog.... 1.0
Search by Image ID This script will search for an image based on its unique ID.... 1.0
Search by Partial File Name This script searches through the entire Photo Supreme Catalog for a specific part of the file name.... 1.2
Search for missing XMP property This script will search for missing XMP properties in the catalog. You can enter the name of the property manually... 1.0
Search Nearby Images This script will return all nearby images for a selected thumbnail, within a distance radius... 2.0
Search Partial Text This script searches trhough the entire catalog for a text part that can be entered.... 1.0