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Resource Name Gather Matching RAW files
Resource Version 1
Category Search Scripts
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Release Date 7/20/2020 10:20:58 AM

Resource Details

Description This script analyzes a set of selected images and locates the raw file corresponding to the image. (e.g. select a group of .jpg images, xxxx.jpg - returns xxxx.raw if xxxx.raw exists). Raw files found are displayed in a new tab. NB: If raw files are included in the selection which do not correspond to an image (e.g. a .jpg) it will *not* be included in the return set.
Installation Instructions Download into a folder. Run from the scripter tool in PSU
Usage Instructions 1. Use any PSU method to select a group of images.
2. Run this script
3. You will be asked for the raw extension you are looking for (without the '.'in the extension)
4. Results are displayed in a new tab
5. If you have want to change the default raw file extension, modify the constant cRawExt
Changes in this version added dialog box to query the raw extension name
Special Requirements

Author Information

Author Name W. Heidrich (with help from Hert)