Resource Basics

Resource Name Place Finder Labels
Resource Version 1.4
Category Catalog
Downloads 355
Release Date 7/21/2014 7:39:19 PM

Resource Details

Description This script is intended to replicate location information from the metadata to catalog labels, more specific the Places category (by default). It is fairly easy to customize the script to create the structure at any other place in the catalog. For that, change the DetermineParentContainer function

The script will create 4 hierarchies inside the container:

1. photoshop:Country
2. --- photoshop:State
3. --- photoshop:City
4. --- Iptc4xmpCore:Location

For example:
1. Netherlands
2. --- Zuid Holland
3. --- Den Haag
4. --- Centrum
Installation Instructions Download the script to your computer
Usage Instructions 1. Select one or more thumbnails to process
2. Select Tools -> Scripter
3. Load the downloaded script
4. Run the script with the run button
Changes in this version * This version also sets XMP mappings in the details of a prop
* Added an option (see cLowestLeafOnly) that allows to only assign the lowest level catalog label
Special Requirements

Author Information

Author Name H van Zwietering