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Resource Name Export Import Catalog Structure
Resource Version 1.3
Category Catalog
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Release Date 2/1/2018 4:03:20 PM

Resource Details

Description This script offers a feature to export a Photo Supreme Catalog Structure, including all configured details of Categories and Catalog Labels.

The script can also Import the file back and sync the existing Catalog Structure in the database with that from the export file.

Installation Instructions 1. Download the script to your local hard drive
Usage Instructions CAUTION: This script can alter your existing catalog structure. Make a backup first before importing a Catalog Structure

1. Select Tools->Scripter
2. Open the script
3. Start the script
4. Choose to either export or import a catalog structure
Changes in this version 1.2 added support for relationships
1.3 added support for icons, and meta details
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Author Name H. van Zwietering

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