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Resource Name Sort Into Season Collections
Resource Version 1.8
Category Catalog
Downloads 45
Release Date 11/5/2022 9:21:39 AM

Resource Details

Description A Photo Supreme script to sort items by season for selected
images, collections or portfolio. Sorted items are added to
season collections. Optionally, each item may be updated with
a season catalog label (keyword) in the Miscellaneous category,
if not already present.
Installation Instructions Download script.
Usage Instructions 1. Under Portfolios tab, select images, a Collection or a Portfolio
2. Open Scripter (Hamburger Menu->Tools->Scripter)
3. Load downloaded/edited script (Open->select script->Open)
4. Use Scripter to edit script settings as needed
5. Click Run

Note A. For detailed instructions see script header comment.
Note B. Downloaded script contains time and date data for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), used to sort astronomical seasons.
Note C. Time and date data was sourced from NASA GISS and is for personal and non-commercial use only.
Note D. Use helper spreadsheet to format time and date data for other years.
Changes in this version Version: 1.7 2022-11-04
- added Acknowledgements section in script header
- replaced astropixels time and date data with NASA GISS data
- updated spreadsheet helper to use NASA GISS data
- various minor tweaks

Version: 1.8 2022-11-04
- changed AWStrListReportLine from TTntStringList to TStringList
- changed AWStrListReportText from TTntStringList to TStringList
- added UTF-8 encoding to csv lines using UTF8Encode
Special Requirements Excel/LibreOffice/etc to open spreadsheet

Author Information

Author Name Michael Biggs

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Attachment #1 Sort Into Season Collections HELPER SPREADSHEET.xlsx