Resource Basics

Resource Name Compact Databases Script
Resource Version 1.0
Category Catalog
Downloads 180
Release Date 12/12/2018 10:19:23 AM

Resource Details

Description This script will compact both the catalog and thumbnail database. After that it will close down the application.
Installation Instructions Download the script to a folder on your hard drive
Usage Instructions You would typically as a command line startup script.

In Windows:
1. Create a new shortcut
2. Point the shortcut to the IDimagerSU.exe file in your installation folder.
3. Add the -runscript parameter which points to the downloaded script;
here's an example:
"C:\Program Files\IDimager Products\Photo Supreme 4\IDimagerSU.exe" -runscript "C:\MyPSUScripts\Compact Databases Script.psc"

Then double click the shortcut to start Photo Supreme, which will then compact the databases and close down the application again.

As an alternative, you could schedule a task in Windows to call your short cut or to perform a direct command line task. Use your favorite internet search service to find more on how to schedule tasks in your operating system.
Changes in this version n.a.
Special Requirements Photo Supreme 4.3.1 or up

Author Information

Author Name H. van Zwietering