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Resource Name Folder Name to Catalog Label
Resource Version 2.1
Category Catalog
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Release Date 8/14/2014 10:39:10 AM

Resource Details

Description This script will create a catalog label hierarchy for the path hierarchy for every selected thumbnail.

e.g. F:\My Pictures\2004\Trip to Spain\test.jpg
wiill get a hierarchy label structure
My Pictures
|-- 2004
|---- Trip to Spain

The lowest level leaf (Trip to Spain in this sample) will be assigned to the thumbnail.
Installation Instructions Download the script to a folder on your hard drive
Usage Instructions 1. Select the thumbnails that you want to process
2. Select Tools -> Scripter
3. Load the downloaded script
4. Run the script with the run button
Changes in this version 2.0; Made compatible with Photo Supreme
Special Requirements

Author Information

Author Name H van Zwietering