Resource Basics

Resource Name Import from sidecar XMP file
Resource Version 1.0
Category Metadata
Downloads 1564
Release Date 1/25/2018 10:29:18 AM

Resource Details

Description This script will search for XMP sidecar files for a selection of images.

For every file that has a XMP sidecar file (even for files that typically have embedded metadata like JPG, TIF or DNG), the XMP will be imported completely to the catalog and replace the existing metadata there.

Use with caution.
Installation Instructions 1. Download the script to your local hard drive
Usage Instructions 1. Select one or more thumbnails
2. Start the Scripter (Tools->Scripter)
3. Load the downloaded script
4. Run the script
Changes in this version n.a.
Special Requirements

Author Information

Author Name H. van Zwietering