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Resource Name Import CSV Data
Resource Version 1.42
Category Metadata
Downloads 264
Release Date 2/21/2016 1:48:31 AM

Resource Details

Description This script loads XMP data from a CSV file.
Installation Instructions 1. Download the script file
2. Select Tools -> Scripter
3. Load the downloaded script
4. Run the script with the run button
Usage Instructions Start the script. The requirements for the CSV file are:

1. It should use a comma delimiter
2. The first line should contain the (also delimited) field definitions
3. There should be at least one column that contains the filename
Changes in this version 1.32; Fix for dialog dize on high-res monitors
1.3; fixed an exception that could be raised when selecting a XMP field
1.4: Added support for importing keywords (dc:subject)
1.41: Importing keywords now respects the Preference setting for Sync-Read
1.42 Fix for double entries in drop down when opening twice
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Author Name H van Zwietering

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