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Resource Name ACDSee descript.ion importer for Photo Supreme
Resource Version 3.0
Category Metadata
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Release Date 12/24/2013 9:43:25 AM

Resource Details

Description Imports the ACDSee generated descript.ion files into IDI Keywords. You can use it to transfer your ACDSee keywords to IDI.

The current ACDSee versions seem to have a different format:
Installation Instructions Open this script in Tools -> Scripter
Usage Instructions To convert your ACDSee Keywords copy them per batch into the description field. This can be done with the ACDSee Batch-Tool even in the non-pro versions. Then let ACDSee create descript.ion files to import them with this script.

Now select all images in a folder you want to import and run this script wit Tools -> Scripter
Changes in this version n.a.
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Author Name H van Zwietering