Resource Basics

Resource Name Migrate iView/EM Ratings and Color Labels to standard metadata
Resource Version 1.0
Category Metadata
Downloads 378
Release Date 3/8/2019 1:11:29 PM

Resource Details

Description iView/ExpressionMedia/MediaPro writes color labels and ratings to non standard metadata fields. This script will convert those values to standard XMP metadata (xmp:Rating and xmp:Label)
Installation Instructions Download the script and store it on your local hard drive; e.g. on the desktop
Usage Instructions 1. Select a set of thumbnails:
2. Select Tools->Scripter from the hamburger menu
3. Load the downloaded script
4. Run the script

That will process the selected thumbnails.
Changes in this version v1.2 - 4 aug 2020
Dedicated progress box and filename only in progress text

v1.1 - 08 March 2019
Fixed typo in the script's description

v1.0 - 08 March 2019
Initial release.
Special Requirements Photo Supreme V5

Author Information

Author Name IDimager Support