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Resource Name Migrate MediaPro / EM / iView Category to Label
Resource Version 1.0
Category Metadata
Downloads 227
Release Date 7/23/2020 11:07:15 AM

Resource Details

Description MediaPro still uses the long deprecated IPTC Annotation field "Category". As per the standards, Photo Supreme will convert this field by default as "photoshop:Category". However, MediaPro users typically use this field as a "Catalog Label" type of field.

This script will convert the Category field to a catalog label and place it in the top level "MediaPro Category" category.
Installation Instructions Download this script to your hard drive
Usage Instructions Then select the images you want to process and either:
1) Open script in scripter and select "Run," or
2) Set up batch with "Run Script."

After running the script the status will be available in the top level category called "MediaPro Category"
Changes in this version n.a.
Special Requirements Photo Supreme V4 or up

Author Information

Author Name H van Zwietering