Resource Basics

Resource Name Migrate MediaPro / EM / iView Contacts to People labels
Resource Version 1.21
Category Metadata
Downloads 487
Release Date 2/3/2016 11:49:07 PM

Resource Details

Description Migrates EM / iView contact information to labels in category People
Installation Instructions Download the script to your hard drive
Usage Instructions Select a set of photos, then:
Open the downloaded script in Tools->Scripter and click on "Run"
Changes in this version 1.0 - Initial release. Based on iView Contacts to Keywords script by Hert
1.1 - Updated by Andrew Certain for Photo Supreme v3.2
1.21 Updated by Hert; removed message "Label not assigned"
1.3 - Added dedicated progress and file only progress text
Special Requirements

Author Information

Author Name Andrew Certain